The Auction Process


Determining the Solution


Generally the budget is determined based on total property/asset value and the available/appropriate researched targeted marketing required.


Consists of, but is not limited to: newspaper, direct mail, signage, online listings, email campaigns, radio/tv, etc.


What type of auction is best for you? What stipulations do you require, if any to have a successful sale? The seller and auctioneer must determine which options are best suited for the auction at hand:

  • Reserve
  • Absolute
  • On-site (preferred in most cases)
  • Online
  • Ballroom Setting (large-scale and signature offerings)
  • Courthouse (informal) Setting

Property/Asset Research & Due Diligence

Atlantic Asset Management Group, Inc. performs a complete due diligence of all properties auctioned. By creating our comprehensive Property Information Packages (or “PIPs”), we save buyers and brokers invaluable amounts of time by giving you all the information you need in one easy to download package. Just some of the important items of the PIP include:

  • Appraisals
  • Plats
  • Photos
  • Specifications
  • Lot Catalogs (if applicable)
  • Inspections
  • Surveys
  • Assessments
  • Reports

The AAMG Property Information Package (PIP) is well-known and celebrated by our clients. It goes above and beyond to save you time.

Accelerated Marketing

Media Sourcing

Research, media buying, negotiating, production

Creative Development

Our Award Winning Creative for: Newspaper, Direct Mail, Signage, Internet Ads, Email Campaigns, Magazine, Radio/TV and more.

On-Site Auction Marketing

Audio & Video Presentation, Posters, Banners, Displays, handouts, etc.

Internet Marketing

Atlantic Asset Management Group features your auction on our network of the most high-traffic and quality industry sites on the web. Whether its real estate, furniture, auto or equipment, We market your assets to the best customers online!

AAMG website

Our very own website is where all advertising is directed. Comprehensive property/asset information is always available for download along with terms and conditions and important information and updates as well as photos for each auction.

Newspaper Advertising

AAMG passes contract rates on to our clients. Our seasoned staff of Media Buyers & Researchers help you get the most bang for your buck.

The Auction & Beyond

The Auction

The Auction itself is an event, and is marketed as such. Auctions are an exciting atmosphere for buyers and should be a fun experience for all. AAMG has a strong commitment to conducting each and every auction event professionally. Each event is recorded and archived for legal and personal documentation records.

The Auction Outcome

Sells: Enters Closing Process

Doesn’t Sell: AAMG continues to aggressively facilitate the sale through accelerated marketing and working leads.

End of Sale

Reports documenting registered bidders, contracts, due diligence, marketing, advertising tearsheets, invoices, auction video, etc.

For questions about the auction process and to set up an auction, contact us today.