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B.A. Andrews — Past Auction Goer

Last week I met with William J. Summs, Sr. who owns an auctioneer company. His ph # is 757-461-6867 cell is 286-6460 email:
I have attended a couple of his auctions and the last one he had was held at Rudee Inlet and he sold the house one day and the next day he sold the boat that was parked at Rudee Inlet. What was surprising is that he had 80 people come to the boat auction and a lot of people were from New Jersey and New York.

Take time to call Billy and let him explain to you how the auction works. It is certainly worth a try and an opportunity to get the boat sold.

Carey Flannery, Walsingham Academy

I wanted to thank you for what you did for us at the auction the other night!! We had such a successful evening and I truly feel that wouldn’t have happened without your help and enthusiasm. I know you were in a great deal of pain and I am so grateful that you were still able to make it to Williamsburg for us. I apologize for not being able to say “Thanks” in person that night. I got so busy towards the end that I wasn’t able to catch you before you left. Please know Walsingham is so grateful to you and your wife, as well as Bonita and Ray! I received the final numbers at our Parent Board meeting last night and we raised $140,000! After taking out expenses our profit was $94,000! What an Amazing increase from last year. I am so please with the numbers and attendance. Let’s meet sometime in the coming weeks to discuss the changes we can make for next year.

Susan Bernard, Executive Director D’Art Center, Selden Arcade

Great job! You really did a great job for the d’ART Center Sat. night. So many of those paintings were going no where until you put your magic on them and then the bidding ended far above their retail. Thanks for all the extra efforts.

And many thanks for the Grey Goose which was a huge success! We are very grateful for your support. The Reverse auction was terrific!

Your crew did a terrific job as well. The registration and check out were smooth and quick.

While it is all fresh in your mind, please send along any tips or suggestions for making next year’s event sharper and better.
Again, many thanks for all you do for the d’ART Center.

Alan Foster, Craters & Freighters

I really appreciate the wonderful and helpful job they are doing. Not only have they been very good to me, but all of the customers I have seen out there have been helped instantly and professionally. You all run a professional auction and the after auction help is a wonderful surprise. Great job to all!Thanks for having me in to meet and work with you, I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Mayor Paul Fraim, City of Norfolk, VA

On behalf of the Boards of Directors of the USS Wisconsin Foundation, The National Maritime Center Foundation, and the Hampton Roads Naval Historical Foundation, I would like to express our gratitude for your generous support of the first USS Wisconsin Gala. Your particiapation contributed greatly to the tremendous success of this wonderful event. It was a warm, but beautiful evening, the food was outstanding, the auction exciting and the excitement genuine. As a result of your generous participation and donations to the Gala and Gala auction, we netted over $50,000 for the three foundations.

Once again, thank you for your outstanding support of USS Wisconsin.