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As a multidiscipline ReMarketing Auction Firm, AAMG is experienced in all your asset auction needs.

Accelerated Real Estate Auctions

We specialize in commercial and residential real estate auctions and offer full-service remarketing support to creditors, trustees, creditor attorneys, and special asset managers of financial institutions, as well as, Government Auctions and Sales of Seized and Surplus Property. Learn More...

Auctions are an open forum, live event at a specific date and time with both in-person online bidding directed by our certified auctioneer. An accelerated sale, while similar, is a seller-controlled process where buyers are educated upfront with a market analysis and property inspection. Offers are then made in an exciting and open environment. AAMG maximizes competition, eliminates contingencies, and sells within your established timeframe. To learn if our Accelerated Sale & Auctions approach is for you, please contact us below.